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the first person out of cards is President, 2nd out is Vice President... If you lay the same value card as the last player (say they laid the 3 of hearts, and you laid the 3 of diamonds) the next player gets skipped (loses their turn) and they have to take a drink.

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Straights, Flushes and other poker type hands hold no value in Asshole and cannot be played. The President goes 1st, everybody else is seated by rank in a clockwise manner from president down to Asshole. Rank as follows, President, Vice President, Secretary, Vice Ass, Asshole. you can make any person that ranks lower than you take a drink at any time.

If anyone touches their cards before the Asshole has finished dealing and picked up his own cards, then they automatically become Asshole and have to switch places.

The Asshole must give the President his two best cards, in turn the President will give the asshole his two worst cards If the president remains president for 3 rounds they get to make special rules.

The Object of the game is to be the 1st one out of cards and you are ranked accordingly on how you performed.

It's usually best to get rid of your low cards as quick as possible. After the initial discard the next player must either match it, exceed it, clear the pile (with a #2 or a four of a kind), or pass (if they can't Match, exceed or clear) if a player passes they have to take a drink.if more than 5 players you can add titles in the middle. So the President can make anybody drink, but the vice ass can only make the Asshole drink.