Dating marshall speaker cabinets

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In 1985, Jim was invited to put his handprints in the sidewalk of Hollywood, along with him was Les Paul, Leo Fender, and Eddie Van Halen.In 1987, Marshall celebrated 25 years in amplification and 50 years in music by releasing the Silver Jubilee Series.Jim's interest in music started when he was 14, when he learned how to tap dance.

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In this respect the Marshall shop was no different from any other music shop.

Jim then introduced Park, a new line of amplifiers, for Johnny to distribute. As Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Cream, Roy Orbison, and many others started to use Marshall Amplifiers, sales went through the roof.

This led to a number of amps being built with different names (but the same Marshall chassis) during the late 1960s and early 1970s (see Park, Narb, Kitchen Marshall, CMI). In just a few short years, Marshall had established themeselves as king of the rock guitar amplfier.

In order to distribute his amps beyond England, Jim signed an exclusive world-wide distribution agreement with Rose-Morris in 1965, which was to last for 15 years.

Jim had been distributing to his friend Johnny Jones for some time, but this was lost after the exclusive contract with Rose-Morris. The head-unit was then set on top to create the infamous Marshall stack, which is one of the most famous icons in rock amplification to date.In 1960, Jim started to build bass and PA cabinets in his garage, because of the demand for a good bass amp. Since Marshall's Music was buying other amplifiers and selling them, Ken Bran, the new service engineer, suggested that they start building their own amplifiers. Speakers kept blowing on these first models, so they decided to add more speakers. By 1964 Marshall Amplifiers had expanded three times!