Ferry chat sex

22-Jan-2018 18:19

If I understood right in FN the thigh massage happens in a private room and has happy ending? I've done all the research I can but can't seem to find answers an would really appreciate your experienced feedback please. I) Which sauna's do the thigh massage go all the way to happy ending?They are 3 times the Manila price and not as good looking.Recommendations: *I recommend FN and Darling 1 if Viets are what you are after. *I recommend Rio if you are looking for the hottest Chinese, "Japanese & Korean" girls.In the room, unfortunately her English was as good as my Chinese (IE both pretty much non-existent) so we made do with sign language.She was just drop-dead gorgeous - 34 D-26-36 or so with rightly proportioned legs and a beautiful face. Besides Mainland Girls, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Eastern European, and some Africans, are there any other ethnicities represented? What is the best sauna to visit if I am interested in the best selection of beautiful Viets and Phils? 1) Most if not all of the Show Time girls in the better bordellos are under 30.I recommend East Spa mostly for their Chinese girls and their Viet thigh massages. *The best time to go to a Sauna is around 8pm to 11pm.

As I left, I notice that the lineup had increased but couldn't tell if it was because of the girls who had been with customers earlier. Visited there the other day and it only costs about 0 HKD. There were only a few attendants offering foot and thigh massages. Lesser looking girls or older girls are given massage services as I noted in the 1st paragraph. Chinese girls are most numerous and my personal favorites.

This is where I go for a thigh massage before my full-service session. Rio has the best looking "Japanese & Korean" girls. FN has the largest variety of girls from various countries.

They have Chinese (of course) and Viets mostly, but they also have Singaporean, Taiwanese, Thai maybe, African, and ugly former Soviet Union girls.

Went to shop 325 on the ferry departure floor in the Sheung Wan building above the MTR, picked up the voucher plus return ferry tickets for 1960 HKD and left by the PM Turbojet.

Immigration was a breeze and I was in the casino bus stand almost immediately after exiting the ferry boat itself!Went through the soapy and a oil massage with her breasts on the bed and it was onto sex. If I have an opportunity to visit, my plan is to visit both Rio and FN, but if I have to choose, right now, I am leaning towards FN because of the GFE. After a girl is past her prime she is relegated to various massage services or she becomes a FL. The more you visit the saunas the more likely you will encounter it.