Geek 2 geek dating

28-Jan-2018 19:35

By default, the Geek guy will most likely be a nice guy, girl's don't like nice guys, well they do just not ones that are sensitive (I'm sure some geeks are sensitive, not all).

Anyway I'm sure even when the geek couple meets they'll break up soon because either the girl will be too nice (and sensitive), or the guy will be too nice (and sensitive).

Even though this was supposed to be a big Arkansas local dating website,.

The 1 or 2 guys that tried to contact me were fugly losers that I had 0 attraction to right off the bat.

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To start I want to say that typically I’m the last person to call any dating site a scam, the reason I’m hesitant to call any dating site a scam is because the online dating industry has become very competitive and if you want to stay afloat or even get into the online dating industry as business owner you’re going to have to be a bit creative, this being said some dating site owners use what some people consider very deceptive tactics to get new people to sign to their site.This obviously will cause a lot of people that don’t understand the business side of things to get angry.Personally I understand why dating webmasters do this and often I recommend that don’t do it but at the same time some dating sites have become very successful using deceptive online marketing tactics. Honestly no however I can see why some users feel that it is.That's why online dating is bad for men and amazing for women.

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That's also why I just said fuck it and use Craigslist for easy lays.Subscribing to Geek 2 Geek gives you access to a set of tools that will "help you find the relationship you want".

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