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The production numbers run in a consecutive order and, aside from a few oddities in the change over years (1961-1962), it is fairly accurate to use them when identifying solid body instruments produced between 19.

Examples of this system: 4 2205 = 1954 614562 = 1956 In 1961 Gibson started a new serial number system that covered all instrument lines.

White oval labels were used on instruments from 1902 to 1954, at which time the oval label was changed to an orange color.

On instruments with round sound holes, this label is visible directly below it.

Year (s) Approximate Series Manufacture During the period from 1975-1977 Gibson used a transfer that had eight digit numbers, the first two indicate the year, 99=1975, 00=1976 and 06=1977, the following six digits are in the 100000 to 200000 range.

MADE IN USA were also included on the transfer and some models had LIMITED EDITION also applied.

Though not used on the earliest instruments produced (those done in 1952), a few of these instruments have 3 digits stamped on the headstock top.

So Josie Gibson was no doubt left reeling after discovering Sam Player had allegedly been cheating on her with multiple women.GIBSON SERIALIZATION Identifying Gibson instruments by serial number is tricky and at sometimes impossible.