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Chronos had taken on the disguise of a horse when he wanted to seduce the nymph Philyra.

Spouse: Chariclo Children: A daughter, Endeis, by Chariclo.

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This infographic from the team at Constant Contact brilliantly outlines the similarities – and includes some handy dating tips: Let’s take a deeper look at the mechanics of attraction and charm.

Prometheus' immortality also did not go well - he was staked out on rocks and every day vultures consumed his liver.

More Fast Facts on Greek Gods and Goddesses: More Fast Facts on Greek Gods and Goddesses: The 12 Olympians - Gods and Goddesses - Greek Gods and Goddesses - Temple Sites - The Titans - Aphrodite - Apollo - Ares - Artemis - Atalanta - Athena - Centaurs - Cyclopes - Demeter- Dionysos - Eros - Gaia - Hades - Helios - Hephaestus - Hera - Hercules - Hermes - Kronos - Medusa - Nike - Pan- Pandora - Pegasus - Persephone - Poseidon - Rhea - Selene - Zeus.

He was also renowned as a teacher to Jason, Asclepius, Asclepius' sons Machaon and Padalirius. And he was an active grandfather to Endeis' own son Peleus.

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Chiron saved him from danger and also gave Peleus handy dating tips to use when attempting to win the favors of the sea-goddess Thetis.

While a centaur, he is not directly related to the other centaurs of mythology, but one of them, Elatus, wounded by Hercules, came to him for healing.

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