Plesk disk usage not updating

15-Aug-2017 11:49

To protect against data loss, it is always strongly recommended not only to keep multiple sets of backups, but also to keep copies of at least some of them in an offsite location.Although we do create our own backups of the VPSs, there are multiple reasons it is important not only for you to create your own backups as well, but also to keep at least one of the copies offsite.However, remember that if "Include databases in disk usage calculations" is not enabled, these numbers will not include the disk space used by the databases.If there is a particular account using more disk space than expected, it is recommended to determine where the disk space is being used.[email protected] [~/support]# find /backup -type d -name accounts -print0 | xargs -0 du -sch | sort -h 4.0K /backup/2017-07-02/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-03/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-04/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-05/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-06/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-07/accounts 4.0K /backup/monthly/2017-07-01/accounts 4.0K /backup/weekly/2017-06-25/accounts 4.0K /backup/weekly/2017-07-02/accounts 5.0G /backup/monthly/2017-06-01/accounts 5.0G /backup/monthly/2017-06-15/accounts 10G total In this case, a Remote Destination was configured, and later the server was configured not to retain the backups locally.

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For this reason, the database sizes are by default displayed as zero, and do not count against the accounts' disk space quotas. For this reason, with default settings, it is possible for the accounts to use more disk space than they have been allocated.

To prevent this from happening, you could enable database size calculations by setting "Include databases in disk usage calculations" to "On" in WHM at .