Virtual dating with jessica

25-Sep-2017 22:50

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I’m particularly fond of perusing The Bachelor and Big Brother subreddits.

If we were sipping wine together…we’d definitely chat about podcasts. I published a huge list a few months back of 50 podcasts to listen to, but since then, I’ve discovered a few more I’m loving: The Influencer Podcast, The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her Podcast and the Lady Gang, just to name a few.It’s been almost a full year since we did one of these virtual happy hours! If we were sipping wine together…I’d tell you that this very blog turned FIVE years old yesterday! This lil ‘ol blog became so much more than I ever expected.These posts are my favorite because I get to tell you all the random things on my mind…and then, YOU reply back and tell me what’s going on in your life! It even allowed me to quit my job to start my own business!I’d also tell you that I’ve got SUCH a travel bug since returning home from Ireland. I’d ask you if you have any fun upcoming vacation plans.

If we were sipping wine together…I’d tell you how I’m focusing serious efforts on getting back into a solid fitness routine this month.

I’d ask you what you’re listening to these days, because I’m always looking for new pods to add to my queue!

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