When updating an app iphone waiting

22-Jul-2017 09:06

Read on to see exactly how Apple evolved its mobile platform over the years, in our history of i OS.

During the original i Phone announcement, Apple touted that it ran on the same Unix core as Mac OS X and that it used many of the same tools.

Visual Voicemail was a signal that Apple, not the carrier, was to be the main provider the user experience.

i Tunes Sync is another unappreciated feature today.

Visual voicemail was a clever trick that allowed users to jump directly to any voicemail without having to sit through endless voice prompts.

It also showed off Apple's newfound ability to cut deals with carriers.

It was, as Jobs himself bragged when unveiling it, literally years ahead of the competition.

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i OS 7, the system currently powering Apple's mobile devices, offers an easy-to-understand smartphone operating system to new users, a powerful platform for app developers, and a relatively un-fragmented experience across multiple devices.

Apple also nearly perfected pinch-to-zoom and inertial scrolling to make apps feel more natural and immediate.