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I couldn’t easily fend him off because he outweighed me by at least 150 lbs, but I did wipe my mouth with the back of my hand as soon as he was done and told him I was outta there.Immediately he went on the defensive and said, “Are you mad because I talked to other people??We bonded over our love of all things music (with the exception of Christian, contemporary country and rap) and at the end of one date we sat in my car and listened to the album from front to back – he was impressed with the range of styles of songs included on that one disc.He was a recruiter for a small music and sound tech school.The original eight guys of my group found excuses to be near her and compete to be the loudest/wittiest to get her attention.It was strange to watch because she did not give any one person attention, but instead found guy in the bar and repeatedly turned and smiled at him while her boyfriend wasn’t looking.” I knew that trying to reason with a man who had had about five drinks too many would be a challenge, but I told him I wasn’t bothered by that, I was upset that he was trying to pick up other ladies right in front of me.

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The Mansion’s version of packed is not your normal night club’s capacity; packed for them would be 75 bodies.

However, I could tell that this crowd ran at a different pace than I did – most of guys had well-groomed eyebrows and the same style of button-down shirts with embroidered designs over one shoulder as if they had an elaborate underlying tattoo that could not be contained by fabric alone.

I am more the type that I am not constantly concerned with my appearance and can only truly relax if others around me are confident in themselves rather than overcompensating.

We went to movies and dinner dates, and then joined back up with other people from the group for shows and bar outings.

One time he invited me to the Wrigley Mansion to watch his friend play a show.

” I had to ask him numerous times to take down the pictures.