Who is singer mya dating

17-Jan-2018 03:04

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But she’s nabbed a Screen Actors Guild award (for Best Ensemble in At 34, Mya says she’s ready to make some changes, take some risks and go for broke.

EBONY: And are you sharing that sexy, smart and beautifulness with anyone right now? But if only person is committed, it’s not going to work out. EBONY: Your last two albums were only released internationally and the sales weren’t as high as your previous work. And do you worry about your future in this industry?

[Laughs] So a relationship is not my focus right now. Especially because of this industry and being a public figure. Social media can take things and twist them around, and something innocent on some website becomes a problem in your relationship. Mya: When things are meant to be, things are meant to be. I believe all things fall into place exactly when they’re supposed to.

Singer Tweet Is Back in the Spotlight—This Time on Her Own Terms Talking to The Frisky, Mya dished that it took a while to build her label."Time, patience, auditions, relationships built over time, [and] online connectivity.In 2008, R&B singer Mya decided to step away from the mainstream.She faced a number of problems, including label changes, mismanagement and album leaks.She only competes with herself "to reach my highest self every year.

I wouldn’t be able to do that if I were focused on what everyone else is doing."Fans will be happy to hear that the singer is still a romantic, which is clear in her music.It’s a dangerous world out there when it comes to relationships. So I want to work on being my best self so I can attract the same.

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